Virtual Fitness Collection

The Socially Distant Social Club is excited to welcome The Virtual Fitness Collection to our growing community of online resources to help those in isolation stay active, engaged, and entertained. Highlighted by a complete calendar of respected professional trainers from around the world, the VFC is quickly becoming the leading destination to find a wide variety of in-home work outs.

After the closing of their local gym, Equinox, fitness instructors Lindsay Carson and Caroline Geiger teamed up to help their peers organize a resource which would centralize practices, allowing for a streamlined way for those looking for online workouts to connect with trainers.

When gyms, including Equinox, shut down in March, we saw hundreds of instructors and trainers popping up on social media offering workouts and classes through Instagram, YouTube, Zoom, and countless other platforms,” began co-founder Caroline Geiger while describing the origination of VFC. “Lindsay and I thought it would be a huge help to the fitness professionals to get things organized so that people seeking a workout could go to a single place to find the right workout for them on any given day, or use it to plan workouts for a week if that was their pre-quarantine practice..”

More than just hosting a schedule, Virtual Fitness Collection offers web profiles for their affiliated fitness professionals which include information such as qualifications and preferred payment methods. This step alone has simplified the search process for online fitness users while helping trainers reach a wider audience through a consistent message.

“Our goals are simple: help fitness professionals push their workouts out to a bigger audience (and ideally make some extra cash while their jobs are on-hold) and help fitness-seekers find the best workouts with top-notch fitness professionals.”

Going forward, the VFC calendar will be directly linked at the top of the Socially Distant Social Club website, where it will provide a continuously updated and real time calendar for a wide variety of fitness programs. From kickboxing or yoga, to barre burn and WODs, we genuinely believe you’ll find the program right for you with Caroline, Lindsay, and the Virtual Fitness Collection.

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