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Outside of the outsourced livestream events and web link resources, a majority of the watch parties and web streams hosted by the social club are done so by displaced and unemployed service industry workers, artists, performers, and personal trainers.

All proceeds and donations raised by donations to SDSC will go defer costs of website hosting and then directly back to those who shared their time and talents to help those struggling with the sudden impact of social distancing due to the COVIG-19 outbreak.

In the face of such uncertain times, we humbly ask for your support as we continue to entertain, educate, and facilitate the continued empowerment and support of those struggling with the current climate of distancing and isolation.

The most caring girl I've ever known once told me "people need people", and it's now, more than ever, I realize how truly right she was. It is with this mantra that I created "Socially Distant Social Club", and humbly ask for those finding this website as a resource to consider supporting our mission.

Joe Bukowski
Socially Distant Social Club


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