"On behalf of all of those involved with the Socially Distant Social Club, we openly denounce the systemic racism in which this country was built on. We stand with those raising their voices, protesting the injustices and demanding change. It is our pledge of solidarity with the Black Live Matter movement, to facilitate an ongoing list of materials in which to better educate the socially distant community towards the affects of social injustice and systematic racism. It is my hope that we use this time we to dissect and investigate our own rolesin discrimination toward people with differences in gender, gender identity, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, and physical and mental abilities - while attempting to grow through education - together. 

This is time of reflection and research, one in which to educate ourselves while growing together as a society, and as individuals. Despite our digital age, I do not believe true advocacy can rest in social media posts, shares, and protest alone. Rather, we must embrace information and let it challenge what we thought we knew about ourselves, our communities, our history, and our country."

We welcome your submissions to our growing list of resources. If you are interested in adding to our collection, please email a brief description and link below.

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