SDSC was created by a service industry worker who was left unemployed and quarantined after the COVID-19 outbreak.

Seeing a common theme amongst friends seeking educational resources for their children as schools closed, staying active with their work out routines, or just staying connected with friends; the idea of creating a digital clearinghouse of resources was born.

Socially Distant Social Club was developed with the goal of helping people stay connected to the activities and interests they love while making it through these difficult times of isolation and distance. 


Within 48 hours of creating a group on Facebook, SDSC quickly grew to over 200 members while connecting with resources and live stream links to performances by both locally and nationally recognized artists.  More importantly we discovered several digital resources available for children's activities and connected them with parents trying to keep their kids as active and engaged young learners. 

Though these resources are out there on the internet, we realized that current social networking algorithms make it virtually impossible to find new resources outside of your built in digital community.

That's really why I started this project, to help people find cool resources and people they may not have found otherwise.



Going forward, I really have no idea when this ends. If it's a week or months, all I know is I'm committed to using technology to make educational resources readily available and easily accessible for everyone. 

So I want to see and hear from YOU! If you've found a stream you and your family enjoys - you're a musician looking to host a livestream performance, or just someone looking to read children's books - Join our community! 

For however long this lasts, all I can say is I'm committed to the best advice ever given to me: "People need people". We're in this together, everyone - and I hope the resources shared here help everyone feel that, and manage through these difficult times. 



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